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Back in 2016, owner & founder Katie Brown had a dream and a passion to bring quality arts education and creativity to the Philadelphia and Delaware County area, and moved on from corporate life to follow her true calling full time. She searched for a place where the most passionate of performers could be able to hone their skills and always felt something was missing. After teaching in the area for 10 years, searching for a place where artists could really use their skills and creativity, through technique and talent, she found she needed more. Katie craved to create a space where kids could be kids and explore their creative talents, aspired to have a home for adults and teens to have an escape from daily life and explore the arts. Instead of searching for this elsewhere, she decided to evolve and develop her own artistic space. Thus, Inspirations Through Movement was born.


Katie states:

The staff of Inspirations Through Movement believe that we have a class for each and every individual. Whether a person has been dancing , singing, or acting for years, want to build in their technique, or have never walked into a class within the Arts before, this is the space for you.


Our Mission Statement:

Here at Inspirations Through Movement, we believe that with the correct mixture of proper technique and a supportive environment, anyone can create art. We believe in accomplishing our goals through individual growth, education, and enjoyment. We strive for each individual who steps through our doors to be inspired, not only by the instructors, but also by one another. We stand with those who want to better themselves through fitness, technique and musical education. We inspire to foster a safe and loving environment. Our promise to you as a staff is to be by you and your child's side, as we create a better world through the arts together.

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